Monday, August 3, 2009

To Know Is You To Love You

To Know Is You To Love You
Album : Kias Cinta
Munsyid : Suhaimi

At times when I feel so lonely
No one to keep me company
You were there
At times when I feel so trouble
No one for me to turn to
You were there
You always there
In times of pain n sorrow
When it feels like there’s no tomorrow
In you I find peace and strength
To get my life back on track again
In times of joy and laughter
Happiness feels like forever after
In you I find it never ends
Cause your love’s always there to mend
I’ve come to realize
That you are my savior
You’re the most forgiving
Most merciful
A step I take towards You
Thousand steps you will see me through
You’re the All Knowing
You’re the Most Gracious
Most Bountiful
Oh Allah
The more I know you
The more I love you…

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